About Us

NNRoad is an Internet-based B2B startup. We come from a traditional professional service industry and are innovating the way our industry operates. Our services include corporation formation, employer of record (employment solutions for companies without a local presence), payroll, and tax & accounting.

Our business model is to provide service via local vendors, create an internet platform to manage our services and data processes, and move payroll service to a PAAS global payroll system that is currently being developed.

NNRoad supports our clients’ needs as they establish and grow businesses in foreign countries. Our main services include:

Market Entry Package


Entity Formation & Setup


Employment Outsourcing


Payroll & Benefits


Tax & Accounting

NNRoad Offers:

Certified Partners – NNRoad works with trusted partners suitable for global businesses to provide you with first-rate service, dependable delivery, and quality work.
Streamlined Processes – We have developed clear processes and have checkpoints in place to ensure each piece of your project is compliant and continuously moving in the right direction.
One Point Of Contact – NNRoad is your main point of contact making communication easy, dependable, and convenient. You work with one of our experienced consultants to manage all your inquiries and projects.
Operation In Your Time Zone – The NNRoad team is based in the U.S. and Asian-Pacific time zones making communication timely and easy. We provide experienced, established and dedicated service in the time zone most convenient for you.