Employee Leasing in India: A Guide for US Companies

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NNRoad offers services for employee leasing in India. Employee leasing is a contractual agreement in which the leasing company, also known as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is the employer.  

Many tech companies in the US use a PEO, such as NNRoad, as an HR agency in order to hire skilled employees at cost-effective wages in India. NNRoad can guide you through hiring employees in India through our employment services. It is also important to understand the differences in employment laws and regulations in India compared to the US. 

In order to understand employment compliance, we have consolidated a reference guide for US companies looking to hire employees in India.


Labor Laws in India vs US 

The US protects against unfair hiring practices, work discrimination, and harassment. India’s laws have similar labor laws, but they also have laws that protect equal pay and prevent discrimination based on gender.  An employment service provider in India will be able to guide you through the labor laws to ensure you are compliant when you hire em