Employee Leasing in Singapore Made Simple

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Employee Leasing in Singapore Made Simple

What you Need to Know About Using a PEO Service in Singapore

Singapore is centrally located in Asia-Pacific making it an ideal location for companies to establish or base their Asia-Pac staff out of.

While many companies do not want to go to the hassle of setting up a new entity in a foreign land, others may only be interested in testing the waters of the area before fully committing to establishing a legal entity.

Employee leasing offers the perfect middle ground to be present in a location without having to commit to forming a new entity.

Employee leasing allows your company to hire employees through a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) service. A PEO service hires the employees on your behalf, taking on the legal responsibilities as an employer, while you directly manage your employees.

Employee Leasing in Singapore Made Simple

Expectations vs Reality: Employee Leasing in Singapore

While there are many myths about employee leasing or PEO service, two main myths ar