Employ World-Class Talent through A Global Employment Solution

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Expanding your business in a foreign country is a milestone resulting from your hard work and dedication. This ensures that you have proven your initial concept and you have reached your target in the local market. Establishing your brand in your home base is an achievement already, but of course, you can still go further and expand it overseas. In order to attain this, you would need the help of services, such as global employment solutions.

Business expansion will be tough work. Although it can mean bigger revenues and market reach for your business, there are possible risks that you can encounter in this new venture. For one, you cannot catch a flight to the new branch of your business all the time to oversee the job management of your employees.

But through global employment solutions, you can cope with a lot of growing pains that come with business expansion. They will address your concerns in your workforce without you having to leave the comfort of your headquarters. Sure, you are the boss but you cannot supervise several locations, manage your employees remotely, and check inventory for your branches all at the same time! This is where employee leasing comes in.

Employee leasing or global employment solutions has become a particularly popular program for small and mid-sized companies. This is done through a Professional Employer Organization. However, you must ensure that you ask for the services of a well-administered employee leasing firm.

If you are still skeptical of this program, you can ask other companies for the number of advantages they have received from it but that would be too much of a hassle, right? Good thing you stumbled upon this article because all of the information you need is listed below.



An Overview of Global Employment Solutions

Opening in a new market needs a thorough evaluation and you have to know what makes your target countries tick. There are lessons you will learn in growing your business. Using global employment solutions will equip you with a team to develop the workforce for you even without your presence. They can take care of administrative works such as employment, payroll, HR outsourcing services, and even accounting duties.

This way, you will provide more for your business because you just have to deal with market research or dealing with your clients.

Minimize your risks. The platform will monitor and filter most of the risks when you go through their program. This will simplify your management and may lead you to new markets which will further expand your opportunities in the international business arena.

Employee leasing will provide solutions for your professional needs in your chosen area of expansion. You need to find a global employment solutions firm that will select and engage professional service in your target countries or regions that will help you perform administrative tasks in employment.

Starting from basic human resource tasks like sourcing out for new employees, it can even help you on the onboarding process of the said employee up until the benefits that your company will give them on their tenure. The key to properly administer your employees are also covered by employee leasing which includes the previously stated onboarding process of the leased employee, payroll and taxation, statutory benefits handling, timekeeping management, and invoicing. This is done through a process that you will go through with your chosen firm and this is as follows:

  • Evaluation  

    You will arrange a meeting with the global employment solutions firm either face to face if you are in the same country as them or over the phone. With this, there will be an evaluation of your business needs. You also have to be specific about your long-term goals and plans so that the firm will have an idea of who you are as an employer and a businessman. This evaluation is also helpful in foreshadowing the kind of solution which will fulfill your needs. Not to mention, it is a great opportunity to kickstart your relationship with the global employment solutions which is vital if you want to achieve consistent results.

  • Sharing Quotation  

    After a thorough evaluation of your requirement, the team will prepare a proposal for their service that best suits your need. You will be able to learn how you will achieve results for your requirement and how they will help you. This is also helpful in you and your firm’s arrangement in cost and overall implementation of the program.

  • Master Agreement Signing 

    After you accept the proposal, the team will prepare a framework of the master service agreement which will lead to the signing process. Agreeing to the terms will set you up to avail of their services and the transaction of employee leasing is well underway. This will validate the results based on the information prior to signing a contract.

  • Documents Collection 

    The team will now prepare relevant documents for an employee, which will change from country to country. This is the first step in finding the right employee for your company.

  • Employment Contract This will lead to the onboarding of the employee. The firm will prepare the employment contract for an employee which will lead to the signing process.
  • Implementation and Follow-ups 

    The implementing process will start with the employee getting on board and being part of the payroll. It also entails the inclusion of the employee in the benefits that are offered from country to country. Take note that statutory benefits vary from each country. Following up on the implementation, the team will do alignments with regard to the employee management process.

With this process, you also have to take into account the cost and the duration of the implementation of these services. There will be an inventory of the processes like the monthly headcount of the payments as well as calculations or contributions of statutory payments and local taxes.


What to Look for in an Employee

Employing people with relevant and quality skills that will be beneficial to your company will be your strong suit in knowing if your goal will be met by global employment solutions. In order for them to help you, you have to acquire knowledge of what a good employee looks like.

Here are the following qualities that you should look for in an employee whether it be locally or in the international job market:

  • Strong Work Ethic 

    An effective employee can plan and achieve goals, not only personally but professionally. Hiring job candidates who know how to focus on a goal and do concrete methods to arrive at it will mean long-term gains for your company. This will increase the capabilities of the employee because goals will motivate them to do more than what their job description requires them to. A strong work ethic will indicate that he/she will be willing to do more than clock in and out every day.

  • Dependable 

    This can make all the difference because what use is the skill of employees if they don’t follow through with their tasks. Showing commitment to completing assigned tasks on time will likely show during the application process. Good employees exhibit consistency in their tasks which makes them dependable in turn.

  • Self-motivated 

    Great employees work effectively with little direction. Those who can take an initiative and get work done without longing for encouragement will make them more efficient in dealing with tasks. This will be your indicator if the employee is enthusiastic about his workload and if he is interested enough. Because this interest will translate to a better environment for your business.

  • Team Player 

    Your company is not made up of just individual employees but they are a team. Working well with others or just being comfortable with collaborating with a team is a plus in hiring a great employee. Making the most out of collaboration presents great social skills and this is why many companies succeed because their teams work as one driving force.

  • Effective Communicator 

    Ideal employees understand the benefits of communication and how their clarity is always required. The importance of good communication should be a primary requirement because an effective employee should know how to communicate if there would be possible challenges that will arise with the company’s operations. Look for this quality by checking if their verbal and nonverbal communication aligns with the company’s expectations.


Being a Competent Employer

To arrive at a result that will contribute to the steady development of your company, the employee leasing firm that you will call on should know that you are a reliable employer. They can market your company to people with exceptional skills and you will be able to absorb competent and effective employees.

One way to know if you are a competent employer is if you hand out benefits to your employees in exchange for their work. One example of this is offering a flexible work schedule. Providing a flexible work schedule allows your employees to have a work-life balance which will ultimately be their motivation to continue being productive. As an employer, showing that you are supportive of them in making work schedules that are agreeable to them, exhibits respect for their time.

It is also important that you have to inspire people to do their best. Motivate them to explore their capacities to the fullest. Great businesses are a lot more than the profit they gain, it is their mission to motivate their employees and attract clients through this. Employees are the best clients of your business because only they know how to appease your business.

You also have to understand that people have lives outside of work. Your employees can only do so much that their personal capacity allows them to. Given this, you also have to know when to listen to your employees. Suggestions should be welcomed and not frowned upon because this shows that your employees have integrity.

Lastly, a competent employer pays a decent wage. This is necessary because your people will feel underpaid and unappreciated if you do not. An honest and fair wage is enough, just so they can go about their lifestyle with ease.


How Can Global Employment Solutions Help Your Business?

Employee management activities will require time, effort, and resources which could otherwise be directed towards company processes and operation. What more if you are going to expand your company overseas, right? Global employment solutions are handled by a team of skilled and resourceful HR professionals. With them, your employee-related tasks are in good hands.

Employee leasing is needed when your company does not have a legal entity in a country but you have a need for resources. If your company is not well-versed with a specific country’s local labor laws and regulations but you have to expand your company so you will need to onboard an employee to perform a specific job.

Global employment solutions are also useful if you want to hire an expat in any country but you do not have the right resources to obtain work permits and relevant visas.

Outsourcing employment solutions will mean that your human resource and administrative functions are done efficiently. This will reduce your operating costs because this will eliminate the cost of in-house HR services. You will just communicate with them and sit back as they take care of human resources and other functions for you.

Overall, this assures you that a global employment solution service will be your reliable partner since they will assume the role of being the employer of your workforce.

Take the NN Road Toward an Effective Global Employment Solutions

Knowing the best partner you can have for a global employment solution is a vital part of the solutions because they will be working for you and you only. NN Road is a global professional service that will help you simplify your management and minimize your risk.

We are ready to help since we are always available for our trusted partners whenever they need employee leasing, NNRoad is the company for you. Remote workers can be hard work to monitor but thankfully, our effective global employment solutions will be the answer to all your problems.

NNRoad has years of experience to back them up, a dedicated team that has worked with numerous other well-known clients, and a great value for employees.

What NNRoad can do for you?

As a platform, NNRoad selects and engages qualified and professional service providers in target countries/regions to provide PEO/employment outsourcing solutions, payroll, benefits administration, work VISA applications in multiple countries.

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