5 Underrated Countries for Business To Expand To

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Whether you are looking to hire employees without an entity or start your own business, the UAE, Singapore, the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Israel all offer unique opportunities.

Global expansion has increased thanks to the technology-fueled global economy. Many countries that have a history of attracting foreign investment are now working through transitional periods. This gives other countries that weren’t as popular for global expansion the chance to shine.

If you are considering starting your own business or registering your company through HR outsourcing, keep reading to learn more about five countries that businesses and investors should consider in their global expansion plans. 

Five underrated countries

1. United Arab Emirates  

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has garnered above $10 billion USD in foreign direct investment (FDI) within the past year. This is largely due to its political and economic stability. The UAE has low energy costs, an abundance of natural resources such as oil, and a diverse international workforce. The country holds no taxation on business and personal income and a strong financial sector. All of these drivers make the UAE a key market for businesses and investors. The UAE is full of talented employees offering you the opportunity to hire employees here and tap into the lucrative market.

2. Singapore 

Singapore received