Four Intriguing Facts About Bangladesh

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The economy in Bangladesh has grown exponentially over the past two decades. Its main drivers are low-cost labor, a growing female labor force population, and a shift from agriculture and manufacturing. The Bangladesh Investment Development Authority of 2016 has reformed the country’s business climate and strengthened economic output

Keep reading to learn four intriguing facts about Bangladesh.  

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Bagnladesh Did Not Exist Before 1971 

Bangladesh is a relatively new and developing country. The area that makes up modern-day Bangladesh was ruled by Turkic, Indian and Mughal dynasties throughout history. The British even ruled the region at one point. When Britain left, it divided the colony into two parts based on religion: the Hindu part of India and the Muslim parts of modern-day Bangladesh and Pakistan, both under the same country of Pakistan 

In 1947 the region became labeled as East Pakistan despite the fact that it was separated from West Pakistan by 1600 km (994 miles). The Bangladesh War of Independence resulted in the nation’s claim to independence in 1971. However, the country struggled with famine, natural disasters and poverty after the war had ended. Democracy was finally restored in 1991; since then, it has been fairly stable with rapid population growth and economic progress.  

The Longest Female-Led Government

Bangladesh has had a history of Islamic terrorism. However, one of the most surprising facts is that the country has a female Prime Minister, Sheikha Hasina, since 2009 and she is in office for the third consecutive termMost developed countries still struggle to appoint a female leader into their government 

Since Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, Bangladesh has been led by female leaders for 25 years (and still is) or 50% of the time. This is great trend considering the country has been through several internal wars and coups during that time. 

However, Hasina was not the first female president of Bangladesh. Between 1991 and 1996, Khaleda Zia was president. She also