Five Underrated Countries Businesses Should Expand To

International expansion has increased thanks to the technology-fueled global economy. Many countries that have a history of attracting foreign investment are now working through their transitional periods giving other countries that were not as popular for international expansion the chance to shine. If you are considering expanding your business and are still in the research phase, keep reading to learn more about five countries that businesses and investors should consider in their global expansion plans. 

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United Arab Emirates  

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has garnered above $10 billion USD in foreign direct investment (FDI) within the past year. This is largely due to its political and economic stability. The UAE has low energy costs, an abundance of natural resources such as oil, and a diverse international workforce. The country holds no taxation on business and personal income and a strong financial sector. All of these drivers make the UAE a key market for businesses and investors.  


Singapore received $77.6 billion USD in FDI in the last year, an increase of 2.5% from the previous year.  Singapore has a competitive corporate-tax system and is centrally located within the Asia-Pacific area. The country boasts a stable pro-business environment and an elite education system. To overlook Singapore would mean overlooking an important market in the Asia-Pacific 

The Netherlands 

The Netherlands is often overlooked due to its proximity to the United Kingdom. However, the country has attracted many projects in information and communication technology (ICT), service, transport and logistics, and life science and health sectors. The Netherlands has a business-friendly government, solid infrastructure, and a workforce that speaks fluent English. Many foreign businesses would have an easier experience entering the Netherlands market than entering a non-English speaking country. 

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Indonesia has developed into an emerging country for a number of reasons. Indonesia is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and trades with nine other countries with minimal or zero tax. These nine countries include Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Brunei. Businesses engaging in Indonesia have access to a wide consumer base within Southeast Asia. A growing consumer middle-class in Indonesia means higher disposable income and more return on investment for Indonesianbased businesses. 


Israel has become a hot spot for start-ups and a prime location for research and development (R&D)Startups like Waze and Mobileye have all originated from Israel and have become tech giants. In 2017, Israel’s FDI grew by 20%, reaching an all-time high of $21.8 billion USD. Investors engaging within the R&D sector would find that Israel has a suitable market to expand in.  

Businesses may be missing out on lucrative markets around the world as these countries are often overlooked. These hidden gems could yield great results for your company with the global economy changing. NNRoad is here to help your company expand into new markets around the world. We can support through employee leasing, company formation, payroll and tax and account Contact us today to discuss your expansion plans!