How to hire employees in australia

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Contract for hiring employees in Australia

Contracts must follow the regulations set by the National Employment Standards but can be agreed upon either verbally or through a written contract.

Immigration Requirements

Employees must have a 457 visa to work in Australia. Employees and employers must have an agreement or employment contract before the employee enters Australia.

HR & Labor

Working hours: Employees working full time will work 38 hours a week. Employees working overtime on regular workdays are guaranteed 150% of regular wages. Employees working Sundays are guaranteed 200% of the regular wage. When working in Australia, employees can ask for time off instead of overtime compensation.

Minimum working age: The minimum age requirements vary from state to state.

• New South Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania: no minimum working age.

• Victoria and Western Australia: individuals can start working at 15 years of age, but can work under the age of 15 if working in the entertainment industry or a  family business.

• Queensland: minimum working age of 13 but