A Complete Guide To Hire Employees in Quebec

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Hire staff in Canada with NNRoad’s services. Contact NNRoad to discuss how we can help you hire staff legally and compliantly. Read on below for an overview of hiring employees in Quebec.


Contract of Hiring Employees in Quebec

Two types of employment contracts can be found – fixed-term or open-ended. Contracts can be written or agreed upon orally.

The Revenue Agent Model is the most common method of employment, entailing that benefits and payroll are administrated by the local company. The company should also be registered as an employer.

Immigration Requirements

Employers must obtain a Quebec certificate of acceptance, or CAQ, for their employees. The employee must receive a work permit from the Citizenship and Immigration Office in Canada once the CAQ application is accepted.

HR & Labor in Quebec

Working hours: Full-time employees will work 40 hours a week, specifically 8 hours a day. Employers must have a written agreement with employees if they choose a workday that is longer than 8 hours. Employees should receive a break after 5 hours of consecutive work. If an employee has worked overtime, they will be paid 1.5 of the set wage.

Minimum working age: Employees can start working at the age of 14 but should not work during school hours between ages 14-17.

Payroll Services in Quebec

Paydays are discussed and decided by employees and employers. Salaries are disbursed to employees either bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.


Social Security in Quebec