A Guide To Hire Employees in Switzerland

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Looking to expand your business and start hiring employees in Switzerland? Keep reading to find all your answers to compliantly hire employees in the country.

Contract for hiring employees in Switzerland

Employment contracts can typically be either written or orally agreed upon. A written description of the conditions of employment must be given to the employee.

Immigration Requirements for hiring employees in Switzerland

Non-EU/EFTA citizens must obtain a working permit to work in Switzerland, with the employer submitting required documents to the relevant work entity. The employee must obtain a work permit before entering Switzerland. The employee’s qualifications must also meet the requirements set by the Swiss government.

HR & Labor

Working hours: Full-time employees will work between 45 to 50 hours a week. Overtime is considered to be any hours after 50 hours a week and will be paid 125% of a regular salary. After 5.5 c