PEO Services in UK: Frequently Asked Questions

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NNRoad’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services make market entry into the United Kingdom streamlined and simple. Whether you have come across our services for the first time or already have a solid understanding of global expansion strategy, NNRoad has you covered. Keep reading for some frequently asked questions and our answers regarding PEO services in the UK. 

How to Hire Employees in the UK to Work for a Foreign Company? 

Hiring employees in the UK on behalf of a non-resident company is possible. There are two ways one can go about this: 

Hire an Independent Contractor From the UK 

  • Do take note that that independent contractors will not hold any of the same legally guaranteed benefits and protections regular employees in the UK have. 

Partner with a PEO to Hire Employees in the UK 

  • This gives firms the flexibility to hire employees in the UK without setting up a company in the UK.  
  • Contractually your business and a