Register a Company in Malaysia

How to obtain approval of new sdn company name in Malaysia


To register a company in Malaysia, you need to engage the service of a company secretary to complete the company registration process. Every company must have at least one company secretary on their Board. And this secretary must be a member of a professional body or licensed by SSM Malaysia.

The secretary will require you to provide the following documents or information in order to proceed with the company registration process:

  1. New company name
  2. New company business activities
  3. At least 1 director & 1 shareholder’s Identity card (Malaysian) or Passport (Foreigner).
  4. Residential & Email addresses of all directors & shareholders
  5. Shareholding structure

The company secretary will submit the above information or documents to SSM Malaysia via MYCOID system for the approval of using the name for your new company.

The company secretary will prepare the registration documents after the new company’s name has been approved by SSM.

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