How to Start Your Business in Greece

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Greece provides a stable investment environment and creates business opportunities for all types of companies.

Greece’s geographical position in Southeast Europe attracts investors who wish to enter the emerging markets of the Balkans, the Black Sea, and Eastern Europe.

Greece, as a member of the EU and EMU, provides a stable investment environment and creates business opportunities for all types of companies.

The most popular industries in Greece that draw entrepreneurs are:

  • Tourism
  • Energy
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Agriculture

To incorporate and register a company in Greece, you may select one of the following types of companies:

  • Public company limited by shares (AE) with a minimum share capital of 24,000 EUR.
  • Private limited liability company (EPE) with a minimum share capital of 2,400 EUR.
  • Greek general partnership which is established by at least two members. This general partnership has not met requirements for a minimum share capital and the capital amount is based on the agreement signed by the partners.
  • Another type of company is the Greek limited partnership which does not have any minimum share capital requirements as well.
  • One more attractive option for a small company with limited funds is a private company (IKE) with a minimum capital of 1 EUR. Foreign companies may also establish entities without legal personalities such as branches, representative offices, or subsidiaries.

The duration of the company establishment procedure in Greece is around ten days depending upon the type of the company.

To start your business and kick off the company formation process in Greece, the investor should have been advised first that the name of the firm has not been already used by another entity.

Then they can file all the relevant documents before the court. The enterprise needs to seal all the company books and records before their certification. The company’s invoice and account books must receive the Tax Authority hole-stamp.

The last step of opening a company in Greece is to notify the Manpower Employment Organization for hiring your first employee.

NNRoad can assist you through the whole process of registering a company and starting your business in Greece.

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