The Future of Global Employment

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Expand your operations to keep pace with the dynamic, global growth of the business world by hiring employees globally with employee leasing.

Global employment is expected to grow dramatically in the years to come. Globalization links the world’s economies together which leaves little room for an individualistic society. The current state of the economy is fast-paced and constantly changing. Many companies are looking to expand their operations to keep pace with the dynamic, global growth of the business world. To support their growth, companies may turn to HR outsourcing by using Employer of Record (EOR)/Professional Employment Organization (PEO) services or creating wholly-owned companies in the country of interest. Keep reading as we discuss the future of global employment.


Employment Solutions vs. Outsourcing to Freelancers 

Many companies take part in HR outsourcing to tap into the talent and cultural know-how of other countries and their talent. While outsourcing to a freelancer or for a one-off job may be a good option for a short-term project, this sort of outsourcing comes with some risk.   

One of the most important and least understood considerations is the cost of outsourcing. While outsourcing for a short-term job may seem like a cost-effective solution, you are likely to put a lot of time and energy into educating the person or organization you outsource to about your company and the project. Therefore, outsourcing services may end up costing more than expected. Take into account not only the cost of the project outsourced by the cost of the person managing the project.  

While short-term outsourcing is a great option for some businesses, there is the potential of losing control over the work being done by to who you outsource the project. When tasks previously performed by the internal staff are given to outsiders, over whom the company has little or no authority, quality may suffer, production schedules may be disrupted, or contractual disagreements may develop. 

Employee leasing through an EOR or PEO service you are not just hiring someone to do your work, you are hiring someone to be part of your team. Your new employee will be like other employees in the home office: they understand your organization, mission, and values. Having someone truly be a part of your team will yield a job well done. You will hire an employee who will be directly invested in your company and their work, rather than a freelancer who is looking to get a project done, well or not.  

HR outsourcing through PEO service functions as a co-employer in the market you choose. A global PEO service helps companies expand into markets around the world. With a PEO on their side, companies are able to hire employees overseas in a short amount of time without needing to set up an entity in that country. Companies use employment solutions such as EOR/PEO services to hire in places where they do not have entities, minimize health care and other benefit costs, and offer “big company” HR solutions to smaller teams.

NNRoad_ outsourcing vs freelancer

Hiring Ideas vs. Hiring Hard Labor 

To keep up with a competitive business landscape, companies expand their horizons and increase their innovation threshold. By doing this, companies may shift towards hiring employees globally for ideas and innovation and less towards hiring for operational purposes  

The benefit of hiring global employees is that these individuals will have local nuance and knowledge of the market you are hiring in. Different cultural perspectives give your business the opportunity to think outside of the box to overcome obstacles that you otherwise would not have been able to doHiring local employees also helps bridge the gap between the culture back at home and the culture abroad. In the long run, your business may gain a competitive edge over others because of your diverse workforce.

Employee Leasing vs Setting Up a Company  

Globalization has nudged companies to send their business overseas. The majority of companies expand into new markets in one of two ways: by outsourcing HR needs and using a PEO to hire employees overseas or by setting up a company.

Perhaps your company has used a PEO service in the past and is ready to move on to the next level. Maybe you are ready to commit to entering a new country by setting up your own entity and operation independently in the country of your choice?  When considering opening your company in a foreign market, it is recommended you think about your:  

  • Business scope 
  • Company structure 
  • Business environment 
  • Tax system 
  • Company name 
  • Capital requirement 

NNRoad’s company formation process consists of six simple steps: 

  1. NNRoad checks and verifies the availability of the company’s proposed name. 
  2. We help you prepare all necessary application documents in accordance with local laws and regulations (e.g. Articles of Association (AoA) and letters of appointment). 
  3. Apply for the registration of your company. All you must do is to fill out the appropriate application and our team will file it with the corresponding authority. 
  4. NNRoad administers and files all necessary documents and forwards the application to the applicable authority. 
  5. Wait for the company formation application to be approved. 
  6. Company formation is approved, and verifying documents are provided for your new company. 

Business owners can use a company formation service instead of incorporating it on their own directly. Using a company formation service provider like NNRoad has become the incorporation method of choice for many small business owners. This is typically more cost-efficient than using an attorney and less time-consuming than preparing and filing incorporation documents on their own.   

If you are interested in expanding overseas by hiring employees globally or registering your company, reach out to us to discuss your global expansion needs today!

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