Top 3 Asian Markets to Start a Business

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Companies have been interested in entering the Asian market for many different reasons. Trade agreements like the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) help streamline trade between many different countries in the Southeast Asian region. We’ve listed the top 3 Asian locations that you would be interested in. NNRoad helps your business navigate through the different markets of Asia to best suit your global expansion strategies such as HR outsourcing and payroll service.

Keep reading to learn about the Top 3 Asian markets to start a business. 

1) Thailand

2) Malaysia

3) Singapore

chinatown thailand




After major government reform in 2014, Thailand has made efforts to improve the country’s economy. The country has low unemployment rates and low inflation making it a hub for productive working middle-class and economic stability. 

Here are the reasons why you should do business in Thailand: 

  • Business Language Spoken is English: While Thailand’s official language is Thai, the business language spoken is English. Business English is taught in many of Thailand’s major universities, thus churning ou