Benefits To Outsource HR In Vietnam

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Vietnam, a quickly developing nation, is becoming a hotbed for talented employees.

From developers to marketers and more, the employee pool in Vietnam has a lot to offer. For example, hiring a developer in Vietnam is 90% cheaper than in the U.S. and 30% cheaper than in India.

Additionally, the talent level and literacy rates in Vietnam match or better those in other developing nations. The country has a young and dynamic growing workforce with a median age of 30.5 years, a relatively young population compared to China’s median age of 37.4 years. Vietnamese employees are often praised for being hard-working and skillful.

Additionally, the government supports the increase in labor productivity and labor improvement is one of their three pillars for achieving a new growth model for the country, alongside growth quality and increased competitiveness.

NNRoad HR Solutions in Vietnam

Why Outsource your HR in Vietnam?

As mentioned, the talent market in Vietnam is quickly developing and ripe for employees. Cost is just one reason to hire employees in Vietnam. Additionally, the talent of employees in Vietnam should be a reason why to hire in Vietnam, but why not just set up your own HR department in Vietnam if you have employees there?

If you were to set up your own HR department, then you would have to set up your own entity for the HR team to work through. Setting up an entity in Vietnam may not be in your interest or business plans. Additionally, setup and if you must, takedown, of the entity can be time-consuming. With outsourcing your HR through employ