Why Tech Companies are Hiring Employees from India

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India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers, with 560 million internet subscribers in 2018, second only to China. Having such an immense pool of digital consumers, India has given priority to its Informational Technology (IT) sector. India’s booming IT industry has attracted many companies around the world to hire technically skilled employees. Through a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service, like NNRoad, companies are able to hire employees in India while staying in compliance with local labor laws in a cost-effective and easy way. Keep reading to learn why you should consider hiring employees in India. 

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Budget Friendly Costs to Hire Employees in India

By hiring employees in India, you can get the perfect balance between affordability and quality.  When compared to hiring talent in European or North American countries the price of software development is low in India.

The cost of in-house developers are often higher than the cost of hiring offshore developers.