Why You Should Start a Business in Malaysia

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Malaysia is a country known to have a strong community of expat and foreign workers.

Companies will benefit greatly from hiring employees locally. Whether you are looking for employment service, payroll service, benefits administration, or tax and accounting, NNRoad services will help your business operate successfully in Malaysia.

Keep reading to learn why you should start a business in Malaysia. 

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A. Hiring Employees in Malaysia

One of the benefits of hiring employees in Malaysia is having a highly skilled and competent workforce.

The Malaysian government provides free education for its citizens which has contributed to the development of a productive workforce.

More than half of the population is fluent in English and this gives businesses that engage in Malaysia an immense pool of local talent to choose from. 

For companies looking to hire employees in Malaysia, using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) streamlines the hiring process in a cost-effective way. 

PEOs allow multinationals to legally hire employees, even if a company does not have a legal entity or representative office in Malaysia.

To learn more about Malaysia’s hiring requirements, check out our NNRoad’s Malaysia Country Guide, and obtain a better understanding of how to enter the Malaysian market.  


B. Taxation and Investment in Malaysia