Payroll & Benefits in Bulgaria

Accurate and effective employee remuneration is critical for any successful business and any encountered error can be costly.  The frequently changing legislation and all the peculiarities involved in salary calculation can make the payroll processing a challenging task for many employers utilizing the vast amount of resources that otherwise could be used for core business activities.

At NNRoad, our team of experienced and qualified payroll professionals offers businesses an accurate and compliant payroll service meeting the highest standards in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

  • Registering and de-registering the necessary company and personnel information like labor contracts and monthly salaries including sickness lists for payroll calculation in compliance with local rules.
  • Calculation of the payroll and all additions (accruals) of the monthly salaries, such as bonuses, overtime, additional medical, health, or pension insurances.
  • Calculation of all deductions from salary like loan repayments and disbursements, individual monthly installments to the medical insurance and pension funds, or any other statutory required deductions, etc.
  • Submission of social security obligations.
  • Pro-rata calculation for people who join/resign.
  • Providing a monthly payroll summary to the Company.
  • Handling of the audits by NSSI (payroll and social security costs and the statutory reporting related).
  • Preparation of letters to NSSI regarding any disputes, or the cases of rejected or prolonged compensations to the employees.
  • The monthly issue of electronic pay-slips.

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