Payroll & Benefits in China

China’s payroll system includes various regulations and failure to comply with payroll regulations may lead to costly penalties. Regulations are issued from over 600 city-level government offices. Every year, all city-level governments update and/or change the mandatory insurance and related funds (social insurance, housing fund rates, and bases, etc.) and policies.

Mandatory benefits are dependent on the city but typically refer to “5 insurances and 1 fund” (5 insurances: pension, medical, unemployment, maternity, work-related injury. 1 fund: accumulated housing fund). Benefits vary by city and policies for foreigners are often different than policies for locals.

  • Apply for the transferring or registering social insurance account and accumulated housing fund account for both employer and employees.
  • Setup and maintain payroll policies and templates.
  • Collect and review raw information.
  • Proceed payroll from gross to net.
  • Disburse payments.
  • Proceed online and offline formalities of mandatory benefits and employee tax (individual income tax) contribution.
  • Handle onboarding and off-boarding formalities for new hires and exit employees.
  • Prepare and submit mandatory reports.
  • Handle employee tax annual filing formalities.
  • Keep and maintain the record upon the requirements by the local government.
  • Provide employee portal.

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