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We provide HR, employment, and payroll solutions to support your business expansion in Taiwan.

PEO/Employment Outsourcing in Taiwan

One of the most important aspects of business anywhere is hiring smart, capable workers. But, because the law prohibits companies without a legal entity to hire an employee in Taiwan, many companies that look to expand into Taiwan cannot do this themselves, requiring them to use a PEO if they want to hire staff in the country. 

We help to solve that issue by providing employment solutions in Taiwan. We have the ability to safely and legally hire employees in Taiwan, either for when a company does not have the legal entity to do this themselves or for other specific circumstances when a direct employment contract is neither desired nor feasible.

We can also assist companies that have a legal entity in Taiwan such as a Representative Office. These companies can be benefited from our employee solution services that help companies balance the headcounts, avoid employee-related risk, control costs, and minimize liability.

Cost-effective Market Entry

On-board your employees and start your business activity in record time.

Risk Mitigation

Ensure the mandatory compliance for your company, staff and taxation.

One-stop Solution

All legal & administrative requirements managed by one provider.

Payroll Outsourcing solution in Taiwan

For any company, handling the payroll and tax compliance of their overseas staff can be difficult and time-consuming. Many of these companies would be better off devoting more time to business core activities. A solution to this is payroll and tax outsourcing. 

By choosing a company like us to provide payroll services in Taiwan, a company can free up large amounts of time to focus on other aspects of their business. The payroll outsourcing that we supply is an end-to-end service, from data collection to payment, so it allows companies to completely forget about the once tedious and complex process.

Recruitment in Taiwan

The decision of entering Taiwan is only the first step in your business expansion in the country. The next step is to think about how to hire the right talent to support your business in Taiwan.

However, the process to hire employees requires a deep understanding not only of the recruitment process but also of the law and regulations that govern the Taiwanese labor law and employment.

Our local team in Taiwan not only helps you to find the right employee for your company but also will take care of other important aspects like screening of candidates, interview process, background check, support with the employment contract, onboarding process. In this way, your company will always have the best talent for your team and it will guarantee to be compliant with the Taiwanese local law.

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