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Employment Outsourcing Solutions in France

Hire Your Employees through NNRoad’s Employer of Record (EOR) Services

NNRoad can assist you in hiring employees in accordance with all France Employment Compliance laws to save time, effort, and money. Our employment solutions services mean you do not have to setup a new entity in France to hire staff here.  As an Employer of Record (EOR), NNRoad places the liability of France employment compliance on our shoulders instead of yours.NNRoad for employee outsourcing

NNRoad's Employer of Record (EOR) Services in France Includes:

  • Engaging employees on behalf of the client through local labor contracts including contract administration, engagement, extension termination and conversion to a permanent hire.
  • On-boarding and off-boarding employees process in compliance with French Law.
  • Registration of employees with social security board according to local laws, e.g. social contributions (URSSAF, unemployment benefits, pension plans, life and disability, and health coverage).
  • Complete payroll solution and mandatory benefit administration.
  • Employee management according to local laws, including employee record, timekeeping, bonus and allowance management, expense and claims accordingly to the local law. Ensuring expense claims are processed in compliance with French regulations (in euros).
  • Payment management, including invoicing customers/clients and salary payment.

Learn more about hiring employees in France in NNRoad's guide here.

Payroll and HR Outsourcing in France

Let NNRoad Take Care of Your Payroll Administration in France

Payroll and HR functions and regulations are unique and individually complex in each country and France is no exception. When you work with NNRoad, we cover your payroll and HR needs to ensure you are operating legally and able to focus on your core business. You gain peace of mind knowing that you are paying the correct wage tax and social security obligations in full and on time by outsourcing your French payroll.

NNRoad’s Payroll and Benefits Services in France Includes: 

  • Registering and de-registering the necessary company and personnel information for payroll calculation in the payroll software and system.
  • Calculation of gross salary, salary deductions (e.g. tax, social contribution, and other deductions), and net salary based on the pre-agreed format.
  • Processing of benefits in payroll (contributions to company cars, lunch tickets), bonus accruals, etc.
  • Providing electronic payslip to each employee.
  • Payroll Disbursement including issuing payment invoice to your company (client) for payroll distribution to employees.
  • Annual/Quarterly/Monthly Declaration (preparation and submission) of social data with authorities and mandatory insurances.