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The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) is a European Union (EU) data regulation law that gives EU citizens control over their digital information. This regulation requires that companies adapt their internal operations to be compliant. This includes companies within the EU, companies with employees in the EU, and/or companies that supply goods and services to individuals in the EU. Compliance includes handling and transferring encrypted digital data with the maximum level of security possible. NNRoad is in accordance with GDPR requirements and committed to this protection.


How NNRoad services are GDPR compliant?

NNRoad is in the business of providing and referring professional solutions such as entity formation, payroll solutions, employer of record solutions, and accounting services for its corporate clients and is committed to store and use your personal data only for lawful purposes. At NNRoad, we manage a global workforce, therefore, we are obligated to collect and manage employee data in a secure way. We regularly implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure we hold and dispose your data securely. By encrypting documents, we ensure that personal employee information is secure. We guarantee that we collect only such personal data, which is required to provide service to you. When we use third parties to process your personal data, we assure that such third parties are reliable and can make sufficient data protection guarantees. Your personal data rights will be treated as a top priority and ensure that your rights are met. Please refer to the diagram below to see if GDPR applies to your company.

  1. NNRoad experience with European clients

    NNRoad has extensive experience in protecting personal data, as we are compliant with both EU and US privacy regulations. We strongly believe that the GDPR is a significant step in enabling individual privacy rights. Therefore, we as a business have put in place appropriate changes.

  2. Services and internal procedures are adapted to GDPR requirements

    We are in the process of updating our Privacy Policy to comply with GDPR requirements and will inform you of your rights under the GDPR requirements.

  3. NNRoad is constantly keen to collaborate for GDPR matters with clients

    To demonstrate our commitment to GDPR, we are willing to collaborate with you to ensure our obligations are met. Failure to comply has serious consequences and that is why we are keen to work with both clients and companies to further develop GDPR compliance. NNRoad pays great attention to the new developments and processes, as we believe that early collaborations will enable us to shape positive outcomes.

If you have any queries regarding our policy or wish to enforce any of your rights, please feel free to contact us directly.
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