Solutions for your business in Australia

We provide employment, and payroll solutions to support your ongoing as well as business expansion in Australia.

Employer of Record Services (EOR) in Australia

Employee leasing has become very popular for small to medium size businesses. When business owners decide to go into business, employee leasing is the best option as it will reduce the burden of handling payroll, taxation, statutory benefits, and other related admin tasks. In short, employee leasing/EOR services help you to focus just on your business, staying competitive and profitable in the market.

Some of the countries have different names. In Australia, it’s known as Contractor Management but same meaning as PEO or Employee Leasing. And nowadays, employee leasing just does not cover the payroll department, but it comes with many other benefits like insurances benefits, risk management support, employee training, and development, etc. 

We provide Employee Leasing/EOR which includes:

  • Engaging contractors on behalf of your organization by acting as an employer of record
  • Fully compliant engagement for PAYG (Pay as You Go System where employer must withhold payroll tax) and Pty Ltd Contractors
  • The signing of employment contract
  • On-boarding via dedicated customer portal, including background screening processes
  • Off-boarding processes/leave management
  • Complete payroll solution and statutory benefits administration
  • Employee management – employee record retaining, time keeping, bonus and allowance management, expense and claim, leave employee management according to the local law
  • Mandatory social insurance (Australian superannuation fund or retirement saving account) to the local laws
  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance coverage
  • Workcover insurance, if required by the local laws
  • Local individual income tax reporting, if needed

Payroll & Mandatory Benefits Outsourcing in Australia

Most of the companies in Australia are outsourcing their operation work to lessen their payroll burden, as this is a time-consuming activity. We offer a compliant solution for payroll outsourcing by understanding your payroll needs and providing cost-effective payroll solutions. 

Statutory benefits seem obvious but these benefits are not the same in each country. Statutory is defined as mandatory, fixed, and established by authorities, hence the benefits designed are to enhance the employee’s base and some of these benefits are also known as employer-paid benefits in Australia.   

Our service includes:

  • Registration of the necessary company and personnel information for payroll calculation in the payroll software and system
  • Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly payroll processing
  • Year-end adjustment and annual declaration (or other declaration periods by local laws)
  • Preparation of individual income tax reporting, if needed
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