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We provide HR, employment, and payroll solutions to support your business expansion in China.

Employer of record in China

In China, Employment Outsourcing means that the individual is selected by, managed by, and works for the client, but the employment relationship is created by a licensed 3rd party who has permission to hire on behalf of another company.

Many employment outsourcing companies that target foreign investment clients do not have the special permission that must be granted by the Chinese government and therefore this may create legal risks for the client.

For a company with no legal entity in China, Employment Outsourcing is a good option in order to start doing business right away. Representative offices in China must use an Employment Outsourcing solution when hiring a Chinese employee.

We offer two types of Employment Outsourcing services:

  • Standard – As per the applicable laws, the client shall bear the full employer liabilities unless the liability is caused by NNRoad and its partner’s faults or mistakes.
  • Premium – NNRoad will bear the full employer liabilities unless the liability is resulted from or caused by the client’s faults or mistakes.

Our company, together with our partners in China will:

  • Play as the nominal employer to hire employees which are selected by the client
  • Apply for a work permit for foreign employees
  • Provide physical office space for employees
  • Oversee onboarding and offboarding formalities
  • Provide Payroll & Benefits service
  • Manage expense claim(s)
  • Handle labor dispute case(s)

Payroll & Mandatory Benefits solution in china

For any company, handling the payroll and tax compliance of their overseas staff can be difficult and time-consuming. Many of these companies would be better off devoting more time to business core activities. A solution to this is payroll and tax outsourcing. 

Chinese payroll is complicated. Full-time employees are paid per month but part-time employees are paid every 15 days. Government policies vary based on the location, type of business, and more. Mandatory benefits are required in China and every year city-level governments update the rates for social insurance and housing fund.

That is why using a payroll outsourcing solution becomes the logical solution if you don’t want to risk fines or compliance issues with local governments.

Our service includes: 

  • Setup and maintenance of payroll policies and templates
  • Collection and review of raw information
  • Payroll calculation from gross to net
  • Payment disbursement
  • Conduct online and offline formalities of mandatory benefits and employee tax (individual income tax) contribution
  • Provide onboarding and offboarding for new hires and exit employees
  • Prepare and submit mandatory reports
  • Handle employee tax annual filing formalities
  • Keep and maintain records as required by local government
  • Provide employee portal
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