Global PEO / Employment Outsourcing

Become compliant in foreign countries and hire employees with or without a local entity.

We Help You Hire Staff For Your Business

NNRoad is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides Global Employment Solutions, also known as Employee Leasing. Many companies opt for such services when outsourcing hiring and employment activities in a country to minimize costs and legal risk. NNRoad provides professional employment solutions to clients on a global scale, relieving the stress of foreign employment for business owners. We navigate local employment laws and requirements, saving you time so you can focus on core business functions.

Professional employment solutions allow multinationals to legally hire employees, even if a company does not have a legal entity or representative office in a particular country. NNRoad provides the best in class global employment solutions, including employer statutory benefits administration and payroll, as well as workers’ compensation, medical insurance coverage, and business expense management.

When we hire an employee on behalf of a client, we act as an employer of record. This means that companies do not have to set up an office in that particular country, as NNRoad becomes the in-country employer for dispatched employees. However, the client remains responsible for the management of the employees’ day-to-day tasks and obligations.

Expand Globally

Expand your business in over 50 countries through one unique partner.

With or Without legal entity

Hire local and foreign staff with or without a legal entity established overseas.

In Total compliance

We ensure that you are legally compliant in accordance to your global business operations.

A Global Business Model

All your employment needs in one service

Why Choose a Global PEO to expand abroad

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