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Hong Kong, being one of the most open economies in the world, is the ideal location for business set-up and company formation. Irrespective of whether you are a local or foreign entrepreneur, it is strongly advised to engage the services of a professional firm such as NNRoad; as we have all the necessary experience in handling ongoing regulatory and compliance requirements and are well versed with the local legislation governing companies.

  • Confirm the selection of a business entity type.
  • Advise with the initial capital amount, if applicable.
  • The business Registration administration process.
  • Assist with the Company Secretary service.
  • Employees' Compensation Insurance + Office insurance setup.
  • Mandatory Provided Fund (“MPF”- mandatory social security fund from employers and employees) account set up

NNRoad is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides employment solutions to all the firms looking to enter Hong-Kong Market. NNRoad collaborates with foreign businesses with or without Hong-Kong based companies to employ their staff on-site via our employment organization, thereby, simplifying hiring by handling all administrative, legal and HR aspects of the employer, and therefore, acting as the Employer of Record(EOR).

  • Hiring and termination of employees/local labor contracts (contract administration - engagement, extension termination and conversion to permanent hire).
  • On-boarding and off-boarding employees following Hong Kong labor law practice.
  • Complete payroll solution and statutory benefit administration.
  • Employee management – employee record retaining, timekeeping, bonus and allowance management, expense and claims, and leave employee database management accordingly to the local law.
  • Taking care of legal complexities for the employees according to the Employment Ordinance of HKSAR.
  • Local individual income tax reporting, if needed.

Managing Payroll and Human Resources can entail laborious tasks as it consumes a significant amount of your valuable time and effort that could otherwise be devoted to strategic and human resources development activities. Whether it is a large organisation or a small company with a few employees, NNRoad can provide you with fully managed payroll and human resources administration services in a professional manner.

  • Registering the necessary company and personnel information for payroll calculation in the payroll software and system.
  • Calculation of gross salary, salary deductions (e.g. social insurances, unpaid leaves, etc.), and net salary based on information provided by the Company including irregular payments such as incentive/bonus, allowance, severance, retirement payment, travel allowance paid by welfare committee, etc.
  • Pro-rata calculation for people who join and final payment calculation for leavers.
  • Providing a monthly payroll summary to the Company.
  • Payroll Disbursement - Issuing payment invoice to the Company for payroll distribution to employees.
  • Working out the statutory leave payments/adjustments as per the client's company policy and Employment Ordinance of HKSAR.
  • Year-End Adjustment and Annual Declaration.
  • Tax form- 56B only.

Irrespective of size or nature of your company, managing the financial records is a very integral part of any business. Any company must know the proper allocation and utilization of funds. NNRoad provides solutions for your accounting needs with the team of experienced professionals.

  • Full set accounting services in compliance with Hongkong legislations and accounting standard.
  • Employer annual tax filing (IR56B), lodging objections and holdover claims.
  • Complete IR56E sheet for the new hires.
  • Complete IR56F sheet for the terminated employees.
  • Complete IR56G sheet for the employees on their leaving Hong Kong for good or for a substantial period of time.
  • Preparation of Financial statements and Profit/Loss statements.