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PEO/EOR Services in the Netherlands

Hire Employees in the Netherlands without a Dutch Entity 

When hiring employees in the Netherlands, establishing a branch office or a subsidiary is time-consuming and expensive. Additionally local labor laws and employment rules can be complex. Dutch labor law requires great attention and understanding of local practices as it has strong worker protections. Hiring via a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), or Employer of Record (EOR), such as NNRoad; is a faster and more effective option. Employees are hired through NNRoad on your behalf, ensuring full compliance with the local laws without the burden of establishing a Dutch branch office. NNRoad for employee outsourcing

NNRoad's PEO/EOR Service in the Netherlands Includes:

  • Hiring of and termination of employees/local labor contracts, including contract administration - engagement, extension termination and conversion to permanent hire.
  • On-boarding and off-boarding employees in compliance with local regulations.
  • Registration of employees with social security organization (UWV) and with the Dutch Tax Office.
  • Complete payroll solutions and mandatory benefit administration.
  • Employee management according to local laws, including employee record, timekeeping, bonus and allowance management, expense and claims, and leave employee database management.
  • Payment management, including invoicing customers/clients and salary payments.

Payroll & Benefits Services in the Netherlands

Easy and Effortless Payroll Outsourcing Solutions for your Company in the Netherlands

Whether your office is new or established in the Netherlands, your company can benefit from NNRoad’s reliable, tailored payroll service. NNRoad offers complete payroll solutions and administration in accordance with all Dutch legal and HR requirements. We ensure your company can be more productive and focus on your main business, while we management all activities related to your payroll needs.

NNRoad’s Payroll and Benefits Services in the Netherlands Includes: 

  • Registering the necessary company and personnel information for payroll calculation in the payroll software and system.
  • Gathering of monthly mutations and variable compensation, employee bonus or commission payments (if applicable).
  • Calculation of gross salary, salary deductions (e.g. tax, social contribution, and other deductions), and net salary based on pre-agreed format.
  • Withholding tax reconciliation test.
  • Statutory benefits calculation and contribution to the authorities.
  • Providing electronic pay-slip to each employee.
  • Payroll Disbursement including issuing payment invoice to your company (client) for payroll distribution to employees.
  • Annual accounts, administration, and year-end statements.