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Set-up Your Company in Nigeria

Nigeria is observed as an emerging market with a mixed economy having a skilled workforce available for the effective management of various projects in the country. Company formation is the most suitable option for a business looking to expand into the Nigerian market as it provides the liberty to freely perform business activities. 

Setting up a Business can be a little challenging in a new region which has its own potential legal hoops. Any business looking for a legal set up in Nigeria needs to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). NNRoad is a global platform that can help you to start your company in Nigeria.

We facilitate the running of your business through entity formation keeping your business objectives at the center of our operations and providing the setup in full compliance with the Nigerian standards.


Business entities you can open in Nigeria

1) Private Limited Company (Ltd)

A private limited company is a legal entity in its own right, separate from those who own it, the shareholders. The limited liability and simplicity of running the private limited company make it the most common registered business in Nigeria.

2) Public Limited Company

A public limited company differs from the private version in that it is able to sell its shares to the public and may be quoted on the stock exchange. A public company must have at least 500,000 authorized share capital and the subscribers must take up at least twenty-five percent of the authorized share capital.

3) Sole Trader

This is the simplest form of enterprise, as it does not require registration, though the sole trader may wish to register the business name to exclude other businesses from trading by the same name. It is the type of business in which the owner of the enterprise is exposed to the greatest personal risk because the sole trader is personally responsible for all aspects of the business and has unlimited liability to all debts and legal actions.

4) Guarantee Company (not for profit)

In simple terms, a guarantee company is not for profit and is the type mostly formed by charitable organizations.    

Our Company Formation Service Includes:

  • Confirm the selection of a business entity type.
  • Assist with the name or business name of the entity.
  • Guiding and preparing legal documents like incorporation forms, a draft of Memorandum and Articles of Association and other related incorporating documents if needed.
  • Assist with registration of the company with the relevant Tax Authorities, social and labor authorities.
  • Support with after company setup services.
  • Assist with other licenses, if required by Law.

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