Global Payroll

Focus on your company’s growth while outsourcing your HR and payroll compliance to us.

Outsource your global payroll & HR compliance to one main partner

Payroll management is a  complex and steadfast task, as decisions impact employee salaries. Payroll must be handled carefully because mistakes and misjudgment can result in employee dissatisfaction and even penalties for the company in foreign states. Payroll outsourcing and processing includes all activity performed by a company to pay employees, which typically occurs on a set date each month. NNRoad provides best in class Payroll services with a track record for stellar data management and punctual delivery.

Companies that benefit from NNRoad's payroll services

  • Small and medium sized enterprises that prefer to utilize external payroll and tax service providers to free up time and resources for core business operations.
  • Representative offices encountering difficulties related to a limited workforce and foreign employment ratio requirements.
  • Multinationals seeking payroll services for their large employee base to ensure accuracy and full compliance with local laws.

Managing global payroll has never been this easy

We provide the best in class payroll management and compliance services

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