Global HR Solutions

Discover our global employment solutions. Hire employees remotely & un payroll across boders.

PEO / Employment Outsourcing

Hire entire teams globally without a local company

Hire employees abroad with or without local legal entities. More and more companies are adopting this solution to operate internationally faster and with fewer costs. 

Payroll Outsourcing

Manage your global payroll from one platform

Managing and simplifying your global payroll, in order to make your company compliant with local laws worldwide, allowing you to focus on the growth of your business.

Hire Anywhere with Our Global Network

Our global coverage & local expertise can help your company expand abroad in a legal and cost-effective way.

Core Product Functions

Full suite by default. Independent upon request.

Employer of Record

Outsource your HR compliance

Hire and manage employees world-wide without a local entity with our Employer of Record service.

PEO, payroll & benefits

Outsource your payroll duties

Outsource your payroll & benefits. Visualize & manage your payroll through our online platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Peo, Payroll & mandatory benefits are included in our Employer of Record service.

PEO and Employer of Record are oftentimes interchangeable. However in some countries, PEO and Employer of Record are different services.

With Employer of Record (EOR), the service provider takes on the responsibility & liability of the employer since the client does not have a legal entity in the country of interest.

With Professional Employment Organization (PEO), the service provider manages hiring, employment and payroll, but does not take on the responsibility or liability of the employer since the client has a legal entity in the country of interest.

An Employer of Record/PEO service is regarded as the modern approach to moving operations overseas. With an employer of record, you can legally hire and manage employees in most countries, avoiding the time and money required to open a subsidiary.

We can hire a local employee within a week, give or take a few days depending on the country.

Yes. Our Employer of Record service applies both local and foreign staff.

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