Employer of Record

Hire and manage employees anywhere without setting up a local entity and in full compliance.

Employer of Record

The modern approach to international expansion

Opening a company in a foreign jurisdiction to have a ground team is an outdated practice that is time consuming and expensive. With our Employer of Record solution, you can hire employees legally without having a legal entity in the country of interest. Our Employer of Record service includes PEO, employee benefits, payroll, workers’ compensation, and recruitment. NNRoad will be the legal employer of your staff and handle all HR liabilities while you focus on your business.

Employer of Record Procedure

Simple and transparent process


You Define

Job tittle, work responsibilities, salary and other benefits for your employees.


We Prepare

A local contract adjusted to your offer and in compliance with the country's labor law.


We Process

Your payroll, tax, compliance & administrative tasks on a monthly basis.

Employer of Record Service Cycle

How Employer of Record works

1. Client Onboarding

We collect your information and introduce you to NNRoad’s policies, procedures and online portal. Work calendar, processes, templates, benefits & salary structures are confirmed and loaded into the payroll system.

2. Employee Onboarding

New employees signs private information authorization letters. First payment (including deposit) invoiced & paid. NNRoad and your new employees sign a labor contract.

Your new employees are loaded into the payroll system.

3. Monthly Processing

Payroll information and salary changes (if any).  Monthly invoice generated & settled. NNRoad transfers employee salaries & updates online payroll portal. Employee pay-slip and notification sent out.

4. Year End Processing

Work calendar for the coming year confirmed. Annual salary report prepared, confirmed and reported to the relevant government authorities.

5. Employee Departure

Termination documents completed with terminated employee. Invoice of the possible severance payment issued to client.

Upon handover completion, NNRoad releases severance pay & issues termination certificate. Unsettled cases are closed and client deposit returned.

6. End of Service

Handover of accounts, materials and information. Off-boarding employees begins.

Last invoice including historical balance, prepared and paid. Employees off-boarded. Accounts and material handed over to client. Unsettled cases are closed and client deposit returned.

Hire Anywhere with Our Global Network

Our global coverage & local expertise can help your company expand abroad in a legal and cost-effective way.

Core Product Functions

Full suite by default. Independent upon request.

Employer of Record

Outsource your HR compliance

Hire and manage employees world-wide without a local entity with our Employer of Record service.

PEO, payroll & benefits

Outsource your payroll duties

Outsource your payroll & benefits. Visualize & manage your payroll through our online platform.

Expand internationally today!

Use NNRoad’s Employer of record service to hire and manage teams overseas in over 50+ countries.

Why do You Need an Employer of Record?

Employee payroll and legal management activities consume too much time, effort, and resources, which could otherwise be directed towards revenue-generating actions.

With a team of skilled and resourceful HR professionals, your employee-related tasks can be managed by our HR specialists while you focus on your core business responsibilities. Some of the scenarios where your company needs an employer of record solution:

  • When your company does not have a legal entity in some country but there is a strategic business need for a resource.
  • When your company is not well-versed with a specific country’s local labor laws and regulations but the business needs to onboard an employee for a specific job.
  • When your enterprise is looking to hire an expat in any country but does not have a legal framework to obtain work permits and relevant visas to complete the onboarding process.

Benefits of an EOR Solution

With an Employer of Record, your company can realize significant operating benefits when you outsource your HR-related tasks. Thanks to our team’s expertise, we can manage your HR and administration in an efficient way.

  • Our employment solution can help your company to eliminate the direct cost of in-house human resource operations.
  • Our solution supports your business guaranteeing full compliance with complex state and federal regulations, alleviating paperwork hassles thus saving your time.
  • Our solution helps you to stay competitive in the market and increase your business productivity.
  • Our employment solutions provide professional human resource support worldwide.

How do we support you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Peo, Payroll & mandatory benefits are included in our Employer of Record service.

PEO and Employer of Record are oftentimes interchangeable. However in some countries, PEO and Employer of Record are different services.

With Employer of Record (EOR), the service provider takes on the responsibility & liability of the employer since the client does not have a legal entity in the country of interest.

With Professional Employment Organization (PEO), the service provider manages hiring, employment and payroll, but does not take on the responsibility or liability of the employer since the client has a legal entity in the country of interest.

An Employer of Record/PEO service is regarded as the modern approach to moving operations overseas. With an employer of record, you can legally hire and manage employees in most countries, avoiding the time and money required to open a subsidiary.

We can hire a local employee within a week, give or take a few days depending on the country.

Yes. Our Employer of Record service applies both local and foreign staff.