Solutions in China

Employment Solutions/Employee Leasing in China

As per the China laws, hiring an employee in China with Representative office or without legal entity is not possible. These companies need employment solutions services which can allow the Representative Office (Rep Office) or foreign companies who has no legal entity in China safely and legally hire employees in China, or for other specific circumstances where a direct employment contract is not desired or feasible.

Companies having legal entity can also be benefited with employment solutions as they can balance the headcounts, avoid employee related risk, cost control, minimize the liability etc.

Employment Solutions/Employee Leasing includes:

  • Employment Solutions/Leasing – leased employee signs employment contract with local partner and is working    for and managed by the client
  • Payroll and Taxation
  • Statutory Benefits Handling
  • Legal Support in case of a labor dispute
  • Employees’ Relationship Management – support to manage the relationship with the employees
  • Expense Claim

Company Formation in China

  • Business Setup Advisory
  • Business Setup Registration
  • Relevant Documents Translation
  • Location Search & Selection
  • Chinese Company Naming
  • Special License Application
  • Trademark Registration
  • Company Chops Carving
  • Tax Registration
  • Company Bank Account Opening

Payroll and Taxation in China

  • Raw data collection and cleaning
  • Monthly salary calculation and disbursement
  • Minimum wage policy updates
  • Individual income tax calculation, deduction, and submission
  • Annual report for individual total income
  • E-pay slip
  • Employee payroll data maintenance

Statutory Benefits in China 

  • Social insurance and housing fund related to process management for new hires and quit employees
  • Open companies relevant accounts and individual accounts
  • Monthly social insurance and housing fund calculation, deduction and contribution
  • Annual social insurance (e.g., disability insurance) calculation and contribution
  • Policy maintenance and updates
  • Individual social insurance and housing fund application support

Immigration/Visa Services for China

Legal Documentation Services in China

  • Employment Contract (written employment contract is a mandatory requirement in China)
  • Employee Handbook Compiling
  • Other Documents

Office Space Leasing in China

NNRoad offers co-working/private space with registration address.

Tax & Accounting in China

  • A flexible accounting system consultation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Manage accounts payables and receivables, expense claim and tax invoice verification
  • Produce monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements
  • Tax calculation and declaration

Invoicing  in China

NNRoad with expertise in Chinese Regulations supports client by providing the invoice for their financial transaction. We help to provide the invoice to the companies with no legal entity in China who wants to invoice their clients based in China.

Invoicing includes:

  • Issuing payment notice for monthly operations
  • Tax receipt