Global Employment Outsourcing/PEO

NNRoad is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides Global Employment Solutions, also known as Employee Leasing.

Professional employment solutions allow multinationals to legally hire employees, even if a company does not have a legal entity or representative office in a particular country.

NNRoad provides the best in class global employment solutions, including employer statutory benefits administration and payroll, as well as workers’ compensation, medical insurance coverage, and business expense management.

When we hire an employee on behalf of a client, we act as an employer of record. This means that companies do not have to set up an office in that particular country, as NNRoad becomes the in-country employer for dispatched employees. However, the client remains responsible for the management of the employees’ day-to-day tasks and obligations.


Expand Globally

Expand your business in over 50 countries through one unique partner.

With or Without a Legal Entity

Hire local and foreign staff with or without a legal entity established overseas.

In Total Compliance

NNRoad ensures that you are administrative and compliant in accordance with your global business operations.


Employment Outsourcing Advantages

Operating efficiency

By outsourcing HR operations through NNRoad’s global employment solutions, businesses can realize significant operating benefits, saving both time and money. Business owners can take advantage of our experienced professional team to manage their human resources and administration functions efficiently.

Cost optimization

Reducing operating costs is an ongoing challenge for almost every company. Our global employment solutions help eliminate the direct cost of full-time in-house HR operations by providing cost-effective employment services, such as the management of comprehensive employee benefits packages, etc.

Peace of mind

NNRoad’s professional employment solutions provide peace of mind in knowing that staffing and HR administration is taken care of in a perfectly compliant manner. We work hard to help your business navigate complex state and federal employment regulations, alleviating the hassle of legal research and paperwork.

Focus on the business

By taking care of your staffing needs, NNRoad allows you to focus on your core business. We support our clients by handling human resource administration, including payroll management, statutory benefits, in-country insurances, etc. Our global employment solutions provide you with a competitive edge in the foreign market by freeing up more time for business strategy and development, thereby increasing productivity and potential for success.

Professional local support

Our employment solutions provide worldwide professional HR support. NNRoad’s experienced professionals use their knowledge to handle your HR, statutory benefits, payroll, risk management, and other aspects of employee administration in compliance with local laws and regulations. Our team also provides guidance in the event of unforeseen HR issues, like unemployment claims, employee background checks, and legal complications.




Why NNRoad?

With NNRoad’s Employment Outsourcing service, NNRoad or our partner acts as the legal employer to hire and employ staff that are selected by you. This means legally NNRoad or our partner is the employer of the employees, and the employees are under NNRoad’s or our partner’s payroll. However, employees are directly managed by and working for you.

Employment Outsourcing service is also known as the Employer of Record (EOR) service. If you engage NNRoad for Employment Outsourcing service, all the employer liabilities are on NNRoad or our partner, the only things you need to do are:

1. Identify the employees

2. Provide related information 

3. Pay the total cost


In some countries, local laws allow for the service provider and clients to share employer liabilities. Upon such discussion, the client may take more employer liabilities.

Our service typically covers both local and expatriate employees.

The services provided by us are:

  • Offers a single point of contact through a dedicated account manager
  • Handles payroll processing, calculating salaries and disbursement
  • Calculates and files taxes
  • Handles statutory benefits and registration with local authorities
  • Provides local employee monthly salary slips and reports/proofs of taxes paid on behalf of the client
  • Adheres to the highest standards of data security, stability, and data processing reliability
  • Provides bilingual employment contracts
  • Offers in-country legal advisory in the event of a dispute
  • Updates and advice on changes in statutory law for specific countries
  • Flexibility in handling multi-currency payments
  • Provides consolidated monthly invoicing
  • Assists with work permits and related visas required for foreign employment
  • Acts as an Employer of Record for dispatched employees worldwide


Not all countries allow the Employment Outsourcing service. In those countries, NNRoad provides an alternative solution to clients: Project Management service. With this service, clients outsource the work/tasks as a project to NNRoad. NNRoad or our partner hires the employees selected by the client to work on your project. There are some restrictions based on the business scope of NNRoad and its partner. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and country of interest. 


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