Company Formation Services

Company Formation Solutions for International Business Expansion

Company formation refers to the incorporation of a business within a certain jurisdiction.

When taking their company across national borders, many business owners choose to register the company under the authority of the foreign country. While a company can be either on-shore or off-shore, the decision depends on the needs of the business and requirements of the government.

The decision to incorporate is often influenced by local tax rates, the presence or absence of VAT (Value-Added Tax), the structure and openness of the local government, and the legal policies regarding foreign business operations.

If a business owner chooses to incorporate, the company must follow all instructions set in place by the country’s registration procedures.

Once this process is complete, the newly registered company becomes a separate legal entity and has its own rights and liabilities.

A company is owned by its shareholders and managed by its directors, but the business owner can specify corporate governance duties and responsibilities through the Articles of Association (AoA). The AoA establishes the purpose of the company, identifies how the company will issue stock and defines the company’s organizational structure.


What company formation services does NNRoad offer?

NNRoad specializes in incorporating and registering companies in jurisdictions around the globe. We provide professional guidance and assistance in choosing the most suitable type of company for your business model. We then begin the procedure for setting up the entity that best fits your company’s needs. NNRoad oversees the registration process until the legal entity is formally approved.

Following the company formation services, NNRoad provides the established enterprise(s) with maintenance services in compliance with each country’s local laws and regulations. We provide such services on both a monthly and annual basis.

This solution is ideal for:


SMEs expanding into new markets

Start-ups entering emerging markets

Investors setting up a company with local partners


NNRoad’s entity formation and setup process

Phase 1: Identify entity type

  1. You provide information on your specific company set up goals and requirements.
  2. NNRoad consults with you to best understand your business, situation, and inquiry.
  3. NNRoad proposes an entity type to you and you confirm on the entity type. In some cases, you can start with NNRoad’s Employment Outsourcing service while you decide on your entity type or your entity is being set up.  

Phase 2: Setup the entity

  1. After the entity type and quote is confirmed, NNRoad aligns the next steps for your company setup.
  2. NNRoad provides a checklist of the materials required and you provide these to NNRoad. 
  3. NNRoad applies for the registration of your company with the applicable authorities.
  4. Your company formation is approved, and verifying documents are provided for your new company.

What are the benefits of using Company Formation Services?

As explained before, entity formation is the incorporation of a business in a jurisdiction. Below you can find some of the benefits:


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