Market Entry Package

NNRoad’s Market Entry Package is a complete solution when you’re ready to enter a new market. We offer you a step-by-step process to enter a new market including employment solutions, company formation, and payroll and accounting support after your entity is set up. 


Reasons to Choose NNRoad’s Market Entry Package:

Setting up an entity takes a long time in some countries. NNRoad provides a quick solution to start your business now. 
You want to try out the market or “test the waters” first. NNRoad provides a trial period to judge if the new market is worthwhile to enter your business. 
The local laws are complicated. NNRoad provides more time to decide the type and location of the entity, share structure, capital to be invested, and more when you are setting up your business. Through NNRoad’s Employment Solutions, prior to company formation, you do not lose business while you are setting up your entity. 

Please note there are some limitations to the Market Entry Package depending on the industry.


NNRoad’s Market Entry Package combines our services to give you a turnkey solution.

Phase 1: Before the entity is setup

1. Employment Outsourcing: NNRoad will offer employment outsourcing to start if you do not have a legal entity in the country of choice. You select your employee and NNRoad, with our local partner, acts as the local employer to ensure your employee is legally and compliantly employed.

2. Office Space: NNRoad will provide office space for your selected employee(s).

3. Entity Formation & Setup: NNRoad will complete the entity formation and setup for you. This includes proposing an employment contract and offering payroll and accounting services after your company is setup. 

Phase 2: After the entity is setup

1. Transfer employees to your new entity: NNRoad will transfer employees to your new entity, so you can directly employ your staff.

2. Payroll & Benefits: NNRoad will take care of payroll processing for you indefinitely or until your in-house payroll team is in place.

3. Accounting: NNRoad will conduct accounting for you indefinitely or until your in-house accounting team is in place.


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