Payroll & Benefits

NNRoad offers complete payroll and benefits services. Payroll and benefits services are always required together. Payroll service mainly focuses on salary computing from gross to net, while benefits service is for benefits plans (mandatory and non-mandatory) management.


NNRoad’s payroll service contains three portions:

1. Gross to net calculation

2. Payment transaction

3. Reporting


The Process for NNRoad’s payroll and benefits services is: 

1. Onboarding: During this period, NNRoad will align with your own specific dates and the payment notice template. We will also setup payroll items, policies, and formulas. 

2. Recurring computing process: Within each pay period, however, may countries your payroll covers, you will receive one easy-to-understand, consolidated payroll report.

3. Annually policy maintenance processes.


NNRoad’s benefits service includes:

1. Identification and recommendation of benefits plans.

2. Conducting daily formalities including working with the government authorities and other 3rd parties.


With NNRoad’s Payroll & Benefits service, clients can legally pay their team everywhere with NNRoad’s simple and straightforward solutions.