Solutions in South Korea

Since it is not legal for a company to hire an employee in South Korea without having a legal entity in South Korea, the only solution for a foreign company to hire an employee is to get the employee hired by a licensed PEO service provider in the country.
NNRoad’s Employee Leasing/Employment service allows foreign companies to legally hire employees in South Korea, without having a legal entity in South Korea or where direct employment is not preferred by the company.

Employment Solutions/Employee Leasing service in South Korea

Employment Solutions/Employee Leasing service in South Korea includes:

  • Employment Solutions/Leasing – leased employee signs employment contract with local partner and is working   for and managed by the client
  • Employee onboarding process
  • Monthly salary calculation
  • Salary disbursement to employee’s account
  • Monthly payslip generation
  • Employee statutory benefits administration and contribution to govt. bureaus
  • Tax settlement
  • Guidance for the employee for year-end tax adjustment process
  • Providing documents associated with employment
  • Employee separation management


Payroll and Taxation in South Korea


Payroll and Taxation service in South Korea includes:


  • Payroll calculation under the local tax and social security regulation
  • Monthly salary calculation and disbursement
  • Filing withholding tax returns
  • Individual income tax calculation, deduction, and submission
  • Individual severance pay calculation and payment
  • Electronic Payslip distribution
  • Employee payroll data maintenance


Statutory Benefits in South Korea


NNRoad’s Statutory Benefits Service in South Korea includes:

  • New employee social security bureau registration
  • Monthly employee social security calculation and payment to social security bureaus
  • Maternity benefits management for expectant women employees
  • Leave employee social security de-registration and termination settlement
  • Annual social security report filing and year-end settlement


Recruitment Services in South Korea

Recruitment service in South Korea includes:

  • Establish a sourcing plan
  • Project Initiation
  • Professional candidate search
  • Process for screening and candidate selection by evaluation and pre-interview
  • Personal Interview process
  • Offer, negotiation and reference check
  • Assist with on-boarding documents


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