Solutions in Taiwan

Employment Solutions in Taiwan

Companies who do not have a legal entity in Taiwan and want to legally employ an employee in Taiwan can hire NNRoad to act as the employer of record while they are still the actual employers.

Employment Solutions can also be beneficial for companies having a legal entity in Taiwan. It is an efficient way for the Taiwanese enterprises to balance their headcount, minimize their liability, save money and time by leasing their employees to NNRoad.

Employment Solutions/Employee Leasing includes:

  • Employment Solutions/Leasing – leased employee signs employment contract with us and is working for and managed by you.
  • Complete the formalities of employment, dismissal and the related statutory benefits for the employee.
  • Payroll Proceed and pay employee’s salary, including bonus, incentive, allowance, etc. legally in accordance with your confirmation of the raw data, company policy, and the salary structure.
  • Withhold and remit National health insurance, labor insurance and pension or alike in accordance with prevailing rules and regulations for employment in Taiwan.
  • Shall coordinate the government authorities to keep and manage the personnel archives for the employee according to the government requirement if it is mandated.
  • Handle employee’s expense claim legally, with the confirmation of time and amount by our client.

Company Formation in Taiwan

  • Business Setup Advisory
  • Business Setup Registration
  • Company Location Consulting
  • Company Naming
  • Trademark Registration
  • Company Chops Carving
  • Tax Registration
  • Company Bank Account Opening


Payroll and Taxation in Taiwan

  • Raw data collection and cleaning
  • Monthly salary calculation and disbursement
  • Allowance, bonus and incentive calculation and disbursement
  • Income tax calculation, deduction, and submission
  • Employee payroll data maintenance
  • Issuing payment notice for monthly operations
  • Tax receipt


Mandatory Requirements in Taiwan

  • Government Insurances (including National Health Insurance, Labor Insurance, Pension
  • Set up companies’ relevant accounts and individual accounts
  • Monthly labor insurance, health insurance, pension fund calculation, deduction and     contribution
  • Annual individual income tax calculation and contribution (needs to be paid by the employee)
  • Policy maintenance and updates


Legal Documentation Services in Taiwan

  • Employment Contract (written employment contract is a mandatory requirement in Taiwan)
  • Other Legal Documents


Recruitment Services in Taiwan

  • Resume screening
  • Shortlisting candidates
  • Coordination for interviews
  • Assistance for salary negotiation