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Hire a professional on the go using a staffing agency in China. NNRoad can provide you with qualified candidates and a compliant employment framework today!

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    Find and hire staff in China without a local entity today!

    Guide to Staffing Agency in China

    NNRoad provides temporary & permanent staffing solutions through our employer of record (EOR) services to ensure that your business in China complies with local labor laws and regulations. We shortlist highly qualified candidates from a wide range of industries and process monthly payroll. Acting as the Employer of Record, NNRoad takes on all local employer liabilities.

    If you’re in need of new staff in China and are considering partnering with a staffing agency, the standard process is as follows:

    Engaging NNRoad: You’ll initiate contact with NNRoad staffing agency in China. During this engagement, you’d provide crucial details such as the roles and responsibilities of the job, the number of hires needed, the recruitment timeline, and the proposed salary or hourly wage.

    Crafting the Job Description: Based on your inputs, NNRoad tailors a job description and promotes it on your behalf. Should there be a candidate in their database who aligns with your needs, they may also approach this individual directly.

    Candidate Screening: The staffing agency in China takes the initiative to assess candidate backgrounds and competencies. Following this evaluation, NNRoad schedules and administer interviews. Subsequently, the most suitable candidates are shortlisted and presented to the hiring decision-makers at your company.

    Final Decision by the Employer: The final hiring choice rests with your company. Your hiring manager or business leader can further interview the shortlisted candidates provided by the staffing agency, NNRoad. This partnership ensures that you avoid the exhaustive process of sieving through a large volume of applications.

    Handling Administrative Tasks: NNRoad in China is equipped to manage the administrative responsibilities linked with new hires. This covers aspects like employment contracts, taxation, and other payroll-related tasks.

    Choosing to collaborate with NNRoad in China ensures you’re poised to find the best fit for your company while streamlining the hiring process.


    Candidate Selection

    You interviews & select the candidates you want to hire in China.

    Employee Onboarding

    We sign a local labor contract with your employees based in China.

    Compliance & Payroll

    We manage monthly payroll, mandatory benefits & all HR compliance in China.

    Payroll Reporting

    See all payroll reports on our platform & focus on your business in China.

    Prices for staffing employees in China are as follows:

    Local employee
    10% of the employee’s salary with $300 USD minimum charge.

    Expat employee
    10% of the employee’s salary with $300 USD minimum charge.

    Guide to Hiring in China