Set-up Your Company in the UK

NNRoad offers easy and affordable company formation solutions in the United Kingdom through its local experience and connection network with local authorities. These solutions help foreign firms navigate the complicated incorporation process and obtain the necessary documentation.

Below you can know more about the kind of companies that you can open in the UK:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) - A Public Limited Company (PLC) has the ability to raise capital faster than a private limited company. Having its shares listed on the London Stock Exchange can hook larger investments from mutual and hedge funds, as well as institutional traders. The risks of ownership could be spread amongst a number of shareholders by offering shares to the public. If any early investor could sell some of their own shares for a profit to the later shareholders while still maintaining a large stake in the company.
  • Private Limited Company by Shares (Ltd) - A Private Limited Company by Shares (Ltd)is a legal entity, limited by shares, and this type of UK Company cannot be publicly traded. Besides that, the company’s finances are separate from its owner’s finances. A Private Limited Company is the most preferred company in the United Kingdom. That type of company can be formed online, directly through Companies House, or through third parties as lawyers or accountants. Private Limited company formation could be achieved easily and in a short period of time.

Most Common Types of Entities in the United Kingdom for Foreign Companies

Public Limited Company (PLC) Private Limited Company by Shares (Ltd)
Best for Big companies SMEs
Shareholders Min 1 - Max unlimited Min 1 - Max unlimited
Share Capital USD 63,000 No minimum capital required
Legal Entity Separate legal entity Separate legal entity
Issuance of Shares Freely stocks trade Freely stocks trade (restrictions)
Liability Limited to the value of unpaid shares of each Limited to the number of unpaid shares (if any)
Administration 2 directors minimum and a company secretary Board of directors

NNRoad's Company Formation Solution Includes:

  • Confirmation of the selection of a business entity type.
  • Advise with initial capital amount and shareholding, if applicable.
  • Assistance with the selection of the entity name.
  • Assistance with the identification of key persons in the entity (i.e. directors/resident directors), if required.
  • Consult with the type of business banking facility, which would depend on the directors’ residence and if they were able to come to the UK for money laundering checks.
  • Support UK nominal director, if needed.
  • Prepare and file entity registration with the registered office.
  • Provide business insurance and employee benefits packages.
  • Assistance with the drafting of local articles of incorporation and by-laws, if applicable.
  • Assistance with maintaining the records of board meetings and minutes, if required.

Company formation in the UK can be complicated because of the different laws that regulate this process. Our expert team will help you to know more about the regulations of the country and the fastest and cost-effective way to start your business in the country. 

PEO/Employer of Record in the UK

Hire your employees in the United Kingdom while NNRoad handles all employer liabilities. No local entity needed.


Our Employment Outsourcing solution will allow you to hire employees in the United Kingdom (UK), even if you do not have a legal entity in the UK.  Using PEO/EOR service in locations where you do not have a legal presence allows you to expand your business quickly and efficiently.

NNRoad is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides PEO services in the United Kingdom, also known as Employer of Record (EoR) services. Many companies opt to outsource their employment to minimize costs and legal risks when expanding their business operations in the United Kingdom.

NNRoad’s PEO/EOR solution in the UK is fully compliant with local laws, easy to deploy, highly affordable, and easily scaled.

NNRoad hires your employee on your behalf and assigns them to work full-time for your company. Our solution helps to outsource the hiring and other HR administration services by providing comprehensive benefits to your employees in the UK while you directly manage your employee(s).

  • Legally hire local and foreign employees without a legal entity established in the United Kingdom.
  • NNRoad becomes your in-country employer of record for dispatched employees in the United Kingdom. You will still be responsible for the management of your employees.

NNRoad's Employment Outsourcing in the UK Includes:

  • We become your Employer of Record for your leased employee(s).
  • Hiring and termination of employees including local labor contracts signature (contract administration: checking right to work legally in the UK, engagement, extension termination, and conversion to permanent hire, confidentiality agreement).
  • On-boarding and off-boarding employees following local laws and regulations.
  • Complete payroll solution and statutory benefit administration.
  • Employee management: employee record retaining, timekeeping, bonus and allowance management, expenses and claims, and leave employee database management according to local laws.
  • Mandatory social insurance (National Insurance Contribution “NIC”) and apprenticeship levy compliance according to local laws.
  • Advisory of Social and Labor Insurance Acts updates and compensation & benefits structure.
  • Local individual income tax reporting, if needed.

Payroll Outsourcing Services in the UK

Full Payroll & Benefits Administration for Company 

NNRoad can support your company with full payroll administration in accordance with local UK laws. Calculating payroll and taxation in foreign jurisdiction becomes one of the challenging tasks when you expand globally and hire employees. Every country has its own tax reporting structures, its own payroll platforms, and practices. Therefore, NNRoad customizes our payroll solutions to each company and country. We work in full compliance with local laws and practices and design a payroll package specifically based on your needs and requirements. 

NNRoad’s Payroll and Benefits Services in the United Kingdom Includes:  

  • Registering the necessary company and personnel information for payroll calculation in the payroll software and system.
  • Calculation of gross salary, salary deductions (e.g. NIC, unpaid leaves, etc.), and net salary based on information provided by the Company including irregular payments such as incentive/bonus, commission, allowance, severance, retirement payment, etc.
  • Pro-rata calculation for people who join/resign.
  • Payroll disbursement - Issuing payment notice to the Company for payroll distribution to employees and employee’s expense claims.
  • The calculation, monthly reporting, payments and penalties (FPS and EPS), payment of taxes, and national insurance to meet HMRC deadlines.
  • Year-End Adjustment and Annual Declaration.

Tax and Accounting have progressively become complex with today’s business in the UK. Everyone demands more and more transparency in tax and accounting with productive results. NNRoad’s service type and scope may differ depending on your actual business needs. Our full dedicated accountants and tax experts provide high-quality services as per your needs in compliance with UK laws and regulations. NNRoad follows the accounting standards to help saving tax and to enhance financial wealth.

  • Preparation of monthly and year-end Financial Report.
  • Invoicing.
  • Corporation Tax (“CT”) return preparation and filing.
  • VAT preparation and filing.

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