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Businesses are looking to incorporate companies in the U.S. more and more with the current booming economy. However, legal complexity, recent tax reform, and foreign trade barriers pose a challenge for company formation in the United States. NNRoad’s team of experts guides firms through the complex incorporation process, minimizing risks for smooth market entry. We ensure that the company is set up in full compliance with U.S. laws and regulations and handle necessary documentation for filing with local and federal authorities.

  • Confirm the selection of a business entity type.
  • Verification of selected business name.
  • Preparation and filing of all entity set up documents.
  • Entity compliance kit and seal.
  • Sample legal/compliance documents.
  • Obtainment of Federal Tax ID (EIN).
  • Assist with the search for the required business license(s).
  • Registered agent service.

Hire Employees in the US

Hire and Pay Staff Legally in the US Even Without a Local Entity through our PEO Services

NNRoad’s employment service allow you to hire an employee in the US without having a legal entity. This will help reduce the operational cost and mitigate the risks when doing business in the US. NNRoad acts as the employer of record, providing an all in one solution for all size of companies. We take care of  the entrepreneurs as well as the established organizations with seamless payroll, worker’s compensation, mandatory benefits, and other related administration tasks in compliance with the local laws and regulations. Our complete employment service allows you to focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

NNRoad for employee outsourcing

NNRoad's Employment Outsourcing in the US Includes:

      • Hiring of and termination of employees/local labor contracts (contract administration).
      • On-boarding and off-boarding employees.
      • Complete payroll solution and benefits administration.
      • Employee management - timekeeping, bonus and allowance management, expense, and claims.
      • Mandatory insurance compliance.
      • Payment management (invoicing customers/clients and vendor payments).

Payroll & Benefits in United States

Outsource Your US Payroll in Full Compliance with Local Laws

For many companies, managing their payroll and tax can be a difficult process. The problem compounds in the US where companies have to navigate three separate tax filings – federal, state and local taxes -, many challenging forms, and various employee benefits. NNRoad’s payroll and tax outsourcing offers an opportunity for companies in this situation to increase business efficiency, cut costs, and minimize risks. NNRoad provides end to end payroll services in the US. We  take care of payroll calculation, form preparation and filling, and more. Any company, either looking to expand or already established in the US can benefit from payroll outsourcing.

The Process for NNRoad’s Payroll and Benefits Services Is: 

  1. Onboarding: During this period, NNRoad will align with your own specific dates and the payment notice template. We will also setup payroll items, policies, and formulas.  
  2. Recurring computing process: Within each pay period, you will receive one easy-to-understand, consolidated payroll report.
  3. Annually policy maintenance processes.

NNRoad’s Payroll and Benefits Outsourcing Services Includes 

  • Set up and maintenance of all employee records.
  • New hire information gathering for government agencies (worker eligibility).
  • Payroll calculation and processing/disbursement.
  • Payroll tax calculation, withholding of tax (Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, Disability Insurance, etc.) & benefit contribution.
  • Federal and State payroll tax reporting.
  • W-2 and 1099-year end processing.
  • Obtainment of required workers' compensation insurance.
  • Providing health insurance coverage, if required.

Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping are services that are often outsourced in the US. Companies frequently do an internal audit and an external one or do multiple external audits. Making sure every number is correct is critical, as one little mistake can cost a company time, money, and a reputation. Because of the importance and difficulty of it, companies look to hire tax and accounting services, so they can have professionals take care of it. NNRoad can provide these audit services to companies and allow them to save time and also ensure the quality of the audit. NNRoad is well-versed in American accounting standards and is a reliable option for accounting outsourcing.

  • Accounting accounts set up.
  • Recording of all accounting journal entries related to business operating, financing, and investing activities.
  • Bank transaction reconciliation.
  • Customer invoicing and accepting payments.
  • Expense tracking and maximizing tax deductions.
  • 1099 contractor management.
  • Inventory tracking.
  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly/annually financial statements.
  • Budgeting and forecasting financial information.