6 Steps to Open a Company in the USA

business in the united states

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Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions, and completing a series of legal activities. However, legal complexity, recent tax reform, and foreign trade barriers pose a challenge for company formation in the United States.

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Step 1. Choose a business structure

The legal structure you choose for your business will impact your business registration requirements, how much you pay in taxes, and your personal liability.

The following structures are available for businesses that want to open a company in the USA:

-Corporations (S, C, and Joint Ventures types)

-Limited Liability Company (LLC)

-Sole proprietorship

-Partnerships (Limited and Unlimited)

Read more detail introduction of each type of structures here in another article

Step 2. Choose your business name

It’s not easy to pick the perfect name. You’ll want one that reflects your brand and captures your spirit. You’ll also want to make sure your business name isn’t already being used by someone else.


Step 3. Register your business

Once you’ve picked the perfect business name, it’s time to make it legal and protect your brand. If you’re starting business under a name different than your own, you’ll need to register with the federal government, and maybe your state government, too.


Step 4. Get federal and state IDs

You’ll use your