Understanding Business Culture in India

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Whether you want to start a business in India or hire employees in India, it is important to understand the unique business culture here.

The business culture in each country says a lot about each place as a whole. The business culture in India is no exception. Many companies are seeking to hire employees in India or start their own company here. For example, the tech industry is booming in India and India churns out tens of thousands of management and engineering graduates each yearcultivating a young, highly-skilled workforce. There is a lucrative talent pool in India for you to hire. 

Indians are typically guided by their respective belief systems and their shared values. They strongly value their elders and respect hierarchy. Like in many Asian cultures, the concept of “saving face”, or avoiding blame or any type of shameful situation, can affect the way decisions are made while conducting business in India. Understanding the business culture in India helps a company succeed in the Indian market. Keep reading to learn about the unique business culture in India. 

Taj Mahal, India

Greetings Used in Indian Business Culture

A simple, firm handshake is the standard way to greet men and women in a business setting, regardless of age or seniority. There are some Indians that may use “namaste”, a common greeting that involves